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1970 Creekers who are no longer with us

We are saddened by the passing of our friends and fellow TC grads
as well as teachers and staff.
If you know of a Creeker who has passed away or any corrections,
please send a note to: Deb.Wilson@tatescreek1970.com
Name Death Date Place
August "Sonny" Arvin 2014  
Charles David Atcher 2011 Rigby ID
Paul Aubrey 2016  
Larry Bennett    
Eddie Blackwell 2019  
Mae Bowman    
Savvadra Bradshaw 2018  
Ms. Linda Brewer   Business Law & Economics
Mr. Rodney Brewer 1997 Assistant Principal
Ms. Caroline Brown   PE Tates Creek Jr. High
Coach David Bunnell   Assistant Football Coach
Gordon Burnett 2015  
Mary Lou Campbell 2018  
Phil Candioto 1994  
Janet Carpenter 2009 KY
Terry Cleary 1990 Lexington KY
Wayne Coleman    
Peter Costish 2018  
Ms. Lillian Delaney 2012 PE & Gymnastics Coach
Robert "Bob Ed" Edward Dixon 2012 Lexington KY
Mary Ina Dodson 1996 Dekalb GA
Ms. Joyce Downey   Sophomore English
Lorrie Dueltgen Shoup 2009 NC
Valeria Dyer    
Carla Jean Farley    
Diana Finch 2001  
Robert "Bobby" Freeman 2007  
Guy Gautier 2012 Lexington KY
Robert Gay    
Gay Gilvin 2018  
Becky Green 2013  
James "Jimmy" Head    
Charles "Chuck" Hibbs 2007  
Ms. Jane Hodges   Vocal Music & Chorus
Wes Howard 1980 Louisville KY
Steve "Sam" Ivy    
Linda Jett 1987 Kenton Co. KY
Coach Dick Jones   PE & Basketball Coach
Billy Knight 1981  
Dean Lang 2014  
Judy Laughlin 2010  
Calvin Wayne Lynch 2011 Hodgenville KY
Ms. Alice Martin   Algebra & Counselor
George Martin 2013  
Mr. Anthony McCord 1993 American History
Terence "Terry" M. McCormick 2005  
Jennifer "Jenny" McIntyre    
Leslie Ann McMurray Greer


Mr. Dean Newman   Algebra II
Gail Parks 2009  
Gary Phillips 1988 Florida
Stephanie Rainey 2005?  
Ms. Barbara Rea   Senior English
Steve Ready 2014 Lexington KY
Bob Scher 2016  
Rhonda Schuette 2004  
David Smoot 2016  
James "Jim" Stacy 2008  
Ms. Susan Stiles 2018 Sophomore English
Coach Louis Stout 2012 Sociology & Basketball Coach
Mr. A.C. Thomas   Principal
Debbie Tincher 2019  
Mr. Don Trivette 2005 Band Director & Teacher
David Van Treese 2013  
Coach Roy Walton 2010 PE & Football Coach
Harvey Watson 2016  
Glenn Weingarth 2019  
David Wellinghurst 2018  
Charles "Chuck" Willard 2015  
Bonnie Wilson    
Donnie Woods 2004  
Pam Wooster 2018  

Tates Creek High School Class of 1970
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